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Seaside landscape painter in Brittany by the painter Violette Le Gallou

Violette Le Gallou

The landscape painter offers you her coastal landscapes of her beautiful Brittany, you will find her admiring the horizon, her palette in hand.
His brushes playing with tumultuous waves and capricious skies

Oil painting of the seaside by the artist Violette Le Gallou

seaside paintings

Inspired by the seashores of the Brittany coast. The movement of the waves, the boats, the port perfectly represents the atmosphere of Brittany

Bird paintings

We find here all the seaside birds, seagulls, gulls, herons, cranes.

Oil paintings of birds by French painter Violette Le Gallou
Oil paintings of landscapes by French painter Violette Le Gallou

landscape paintings

In this series of landscapes, water is present in each canvas, a lakeside, a streamside, a path that leads to the sea...

Paintings from Asia

In this collection, we find Asian landscapes inspired by the artist during his travels. We also find the presence of water on each of the canvases

Oil paintings of Asian landscapes by French painter Violette Le Gallou


Violette Le Gallou, Parisian, living in Brittany since 1991, and as far as I can remember, drawing and painting have always been part of my creative hobbies and my life.

Violette Le Gallou Landscape painter France

As a landscape painter, I draw my inspiration from the surrounding nature as well as from the beauty of coastal landscapes, boats sailing along our coasts, wrecks and spectacular sunsets. However, I don't limit myself to these themes and I also like to immerse myself in two opposite worlds: the Universe and the Abyss.


I give free rein to my imagination to explore these fascinating universes, navigating between dream and reality. Although I also appreciate the beauty of bouquets of flowers, I often neglect them to focus on those subjects that fascinate me.

Quote from artists drouot Violette Le Gallou
rtmajeur paysagiste Violette Le Gallou
Violette Le Gallou, painter of Gallea
Certified I-CAC ranking of the landscape painter Violette Le Gallou
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