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Peinture de paysage Asiatique imaginaire de "SOUVENIRS D'ASIE"

SOUVENIRS FROM ASIA - 21/105 - "Asia" Collection

SKU: 21/105

MEMORIES OF ASIA - Collection "Asia" by the landscape painter Violette Le Gallou -France

Oil without linen canvas  on 54x73 cm wooden frame framed white American box 

Available within 2 days 

Free delivery in Europe

Certificate of authenticity i-CAC quotation 


Inspired by the mysterious  foggy atmospheres  of this magnificent country that is Japan, I started a purely imaginary "Asia" collection with waterfalls, temples of spirituality , perched on overgrown hills, de large elegant birds taking flight... I like to find myself dreaming about places I build_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_on the canvas, I let my brushes work according to my imagination. The water is always present there, often descends from the waterfalls and gives this very particular atmosphere to the work. I resource myself there to bring you serenity and inner peace.

A work that will transport you from your sofa ... to the land of the Rising Sun..!! by landscape painter Violette Le Gallou. - France


Price 1850 €

Always possible in installments with Paypal or Stripe




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