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Peinture de paysage enneigé sur un lac "HIVER SUR LE LAC" par l'artiste peintre paysagiste Violette Le Gallou. France


WINTER ON THE LAKE by figurative painter Violette Le Gallou.

WINTER ON THE LAKE by the figurative painter Violette Le Gallou.

Dyptique  -2 Oils on/Canvas  on wooden frame -each 65 x 54 cms -  or 1 x08 cms_

possibility of white American box frame.

Available within 2 days -

Free delivery in Europe.

Certificate of authenticity i-CAC quotations


Memories of that morning, the snow had freshly fallen during the night and... A white veil covered the shores of the lake. silence had settled in, the serenity and purity of the landscape hit me right in the heart. The boat, firmly moored yesterday, invited me to venture on the lake. Perhaps, visit the neighbors on the other bank, or discover the splendor of the winter landscape, dont my amazed eyes recorded the pure magic of this moment..!! A flock of wild birds passed above me, with their shrill cries and flapping wings, it was very beautiful.

I was alone in the world at  that moment, bathed in the beauty of a winter morning.

An unforgettable memory that I finally put on the canvas...!!


Price 3000 € 

Always possible .. spread payment with Paypal or Stripe.

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