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Peinture au bord de l'étang au soleil couchant par l'artiste peintre Violette Le Gallou


SKU: 21/101

BEAUTIFUL EVENING AT THE EDGE OF THE POND- by landscape painter Violette Le Gallou - France

Oil / linen canvas on wooden frame 54x73 cms

Framed American white box

Signed lower right 

Certificate of authenticity i-CAC quotations


Free delivery in Europe and on request in the rest of the world (contact the artist)


Interpretation of the Artist 

"On this beautiful summer evening, I was sitting on this tree trunk, slept by the last storm, on the edge of the pond, the sun flooded with its golden rays all the sky and the tints of the Autumn became more shimmering day by day, yes the beautiful season was already here. The air was mild, 

The birds were singing, the show was magical. A heron was coming towards me. Immobile,  I held my breath so as not to frighten it. It was beautiful, standing out against the golden sky of the setting sun.

I thanked the Universe for this very special moment when space, time, beauty, magic, Life were at the rendezvous of this moment rare and so extraordinary when we_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_can touch find the magnificence de Dame Nature...!!

Let yourself be carried away by the beauty  which emanates  from this work. It will beautify your interior,

will help you connect to positive thoughts ...!!

Relaxation, Beauty, Serenity, Positivity, Enchantment...!!


Always possible in installments with Paypal or Stripe


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