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Peinture de paysage d'arbres enneigés au bord de l'eau par l'artiste peintre Violette Le Gallou -France

FRIMAS - Winter Collection

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FRIMAS - Winter collection by the landscape painter Violette Le Gallou -France

Oil without linen, spatula and brush - on wooden frame by_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d

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Certificate of Authenticity i-CAC quotation

Part of the Gallea collection, Montreal gallery.


Price 1320 € with discount of 200 € or 1120 € 

(i-CAC rating)


Memories of a December morning, when the walk along the river was a real pleasure. The vegetation had coated its habit  with light. In the  serenity and silence  of this winter setting where

everything seemed in place. Only our footsteps crunched on the frozen snow, no other noise, ah..!! si, le cri  perçant de l'oiseau perché sur la branche que nous venions de déranger. 

The silence... around us, palpable... with this feeling of Peace that invaded us.

The beauty of the  shimmering white frost of ice that adorns the branches of the trees,  the dry grasses and groves take on the appearance of a festive Christmas.

Magic of  Mother Nature...!!

A pure happiness.!!

This work is always imbued with Peace and serenity, with very soft colors that will delight you.

I promise you.

Part of the Gallea-gallery of Montreal collection.

by landscape painter Violette Le Gallou.


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