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Peinture d'un envol d'ibis au soleil couchant par l'artiste peintre paysagiste Violette Le Gallou


SKU: 22/102

The ibis at sunset - Collection of large birds

Oil painting on linen canvas  - 65x54 cms - varnished equipped with a hanging system -

Signed lower right by the landscape painter Violette Le Gallou

Artist listed at Drouot and i-CAC

others works visible on Artists listed at Drouot-Artmajeur- Galerie Thuillier in Paris and Gallea in Montreal.


Delivery free in Europe and on request in the rest of the world (contact the artist)


Artist's interpretation: 

At sunset when the sky ignites, the flight of these great birds amazes us with their elegance and the beauty of their color...Perfect harmony with the blazing sky.

This work will bring light and a note of poetry  into your living room.

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