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Peinture à l'huile d'un paysage de bord de mer breton par l'artiste peintre Violette Le Gallou France


SKU: 22/120

A SUMMER IN BRITTANY - Oil on canvas 30 x 30 cms - framed white American box

Production Summer 2022


Signed lower right by the painter landscaper Violette Le Gallou, certified and recognized by the Quotations i-CAC and Drouot. 

i-CAC Certificate of Authenticity

Free shipping in Europe and on request everywhere worldwide (contact the artist)


Landscape painter listed at Drouot quotations, Armajeur, visible in exhibition Galeries Thuillier in Paris and Galléa in Montreal in Canada.


Artist's interpretation


The sun shone high in the sky, warming everything in its path. The sea shimmered in the sunlight and the boats swayed gently to the rhythm of the waves. It was an ideal day for a walk on the beach or to visit one of the many ports in Brittany.


Among them was this small port that seemed to be enveloped in a peaceful and serene atmosphere. The harbor had a special charm, with its colorful boats and traditional stone houses. The boats seemed almost asleep, lulled by the gentle waves crashing against the wooden docks.


The sound of seagulls soaring through the air and waves crashing on the surrounding rocks complemented this peaceful ambience perfectly.


Un gift and a wonderful souvenir while waiting for the next vacation in Brittany!

Do not resist any longer, contact the Artist.

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