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Peinture à l'huile, de paysage d'Italie, ruines romaines au bord de l'eau par l'artiste peintre Violette Le Gallou- France


SKU: 18/105

ROMAN INSPIRATION by landscape painter Violette Le Gallou -France

Oil on linen canvas on wooden frame 70 x 90 cms

Framed American white box

Available within 2 days

Free delivery in Europe

Certificate of authenticity i-CAC quotations


On the horizon, some blue mountains...  the shores of Lake Geneva, some pretty houses  basking in the sun, boats waiting for the fishermen for a new fishing trip.. a garden with Roman-style colonnades, de  tall cypress trees rising towards the sky, groves of flowers in shimmering colors.. a small beach for rest there..and  dock there in peace.....!!

and then the ruins,  vestiges of the past ... of a Roman house?  a temple perhaps?

These stones which were strewn on the shore were obstacles to the water of the lake and caused a charming cascade, which I staged on the canvas for my greatest pleasure... and yours, may to be too...

this is how "Roman Inspiration" was born..!!

Thank you for discovering it with my words, my feelings when I painted it.

Good visit of my works.


Price €2,720  (i-CAC quotation)

Possibility in several installments by Paypal or Stripe


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