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Peinture à l'huile de vague sur un soleil couchant par l'artiste peintre paysagiste Violette Le Gallou -France


SKU: 21/107

WAVE IN THE SUN SUNSET ON THE BRITTANY COAST by Violette Le GALLOU, Landscape painter - France
Oil on linen  on 60x70 cm wooden frame

White American box frame

Free delivery  in Europe and on request anywhere in the world (contact the Artist)

Certificate of authenticity i-CAC quotations


Artist's interpretation


This painting was inspired by the poet Théophile Gautier.
"A splendid cloud on the horizon of flame, like a giant bird which is about to take flight, from one end of the sky to the other, opened its golden wings, and it was brightness to lower the eyelid.
The rocks with their foreheads adorned with stone lace, the flag whipped by the wind, a red ray underlined the yellow clouds and bathed the distant coast in blue... the air was mild; the waters complained throwing themselves on the rocks and the wave broke on the shore.....
And I was still watching, not thinking, that the starry night was fast approaching."


In my mind, the words formed images and materialized on the canvas, lead to the work you have in front of you...I only listened to the words and my brushes did the rest. Music also accompanies me and Debussy is a great inspiration for my Art...

It is a joyful work  with shimmering colors that will make you forget the gray of dark days and will bring you joy and a change of scenery towards the sea, holidays and Brittany.


Price €1900  (i-CAC quotation)

always possible in installments with Paypal or Stripe



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